Thursday Thoughts 17.4.14

thursday thoughts

It is quite an intriguing thing to observe how weather is changing, one will wonder about the reasons naturally, because weather directly effects us, whether we love it or hate it.

What do you think? What can be the possible reason of excessive cold in cold countries and excessive heat in hot countries and too much rain in both? Is it global warming- man made? Or is nature just taking its slow turn toward another climate change? Another ice age may be looming in the horizons…

If it is totally man made, then it is sad to notice how much damage one species can do to a whole planet!

I am absolutely bored with excessive heat down here!

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 17.4.14

  1. Yes, April and May are going to be tough.

  2. You pose a very interesting question, Trisha. It will be interesting to watch the responses…

  3. Even in our Springtime, the nights are still cold. So strange to have the heat on at night a month after Winter!

  4. I believe you are in Bengal. The heat mixed with humidity can be unbearable I suppose. But you have not seen the heat and dust (By the way read Heat and Dust of Jhabwala) of the plains of UP and Punjab in May/ June! you will then love Calcutta’s sticky days.
    Any way, India’s four wonderful seasons are so for thousands of years and may not be thought that there is any change due to man or whatever, I believe.

    • I have seen the summer of UP (Agra), Delhi and Rajasthan- they are horrible but the sticky, humid heat of bengal summer was unhealthy. But, for past few years the heat is becoming dry here- very dry, like those places. That is not a very welcome change.

  5. We’ve had a nice spring so far and it’s not hot yet. I’m dreading it though, so I hope it stays away a bit longer. Does it stay hot there until fall now?

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