the stranger for Thursday Tales

He was standing there. A thin man with a huge hat, covering his face by its shadow from the light of the partially open doorway; the obscurity was further enhanced by the smoke of the pipe. He stood there, as if contemplating on some serious life and death matter.

He walked past him and entered the alley. A few minutes later he heard someone following him. He turned back but could not see anyone.

Then he recollected, the dress that the man was wearing was quite worn out. Everyone in this area knows that today is payday in the factory.

He clutched his purse tightly and started to walk faster. The footsteps gathered speed too, greater than his.

He cursed the municipality for not placing a single lamp-post in the entire alley.

A hand fell on his shoulder. He started to scream loudly! Hoping someone will hear him through the blaring televisions. Something cold touched his bare arm.

“Please don’t shout!” a croaked voice said in an ominous tone. He tried to stare hard, to look at his face in the darkness.

He will kill me any way! There is no chance he will leave me alive! He thought and a soft whimper escaped his throat.

“Your pen!” the man croaked. “You gave it to me in the factory today! I have been waiting for you to come out of manager’s room but you stayed back late.” The man said. “I thought I will give it to you when you return home. I did not mean to scare you.”

He added apologetically, “You see! I can’t shout and by the time I noticed you, you have crossed quite a distance.”

Sharmishtha basu

NOTE: For the picture prompt check the site. 🙂


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