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what is it

realm of dreams

he was lying flat, on his back, watching the stars in the open sky.

how he loved these small escapades to the woods! Every necessary thing packed in his backpack- a small tent in case it rained, a sleeping bag and lots of mosquito repellant lotion.

there was no sign of rain, a pleasant breeze was blowing, stirring the leaves of the trees and the grass on which he was lying.

the moon was peeking at him hiding under scanty clouds. he fell asleep….

a strange flash of light woke him up, at first he thought that the moon was coming down on him …..



He opened his eyes fully. The moon was safe and sound, shining in its full glory a bit away from the pearl white glowing object that was heading towards him.

“I am dead!” he muttered. “It’s a meteor heading straight towards me!”

The next minute he realized it was too fast for that.

It reached a hundred feet above him within two minutes, it was glowing but that light was not blinding, dazzling, it was very soft, soothing like the light of moon. It was like a bubble…. And there was something … no someone inside that bubble.

It perched a little distance away from him and disappeared, leaving its rider there, staring at him with not very friendly eyes.

“Who are you?” he asked, his voice was shaking.

He could see it was not human because its skin was green, and glowing. Its head was like a cartoon creature, to be precise like the goblins he has seen in harry potter movies a few years back.

The creature questioned him back instead of answering, “What are you doing here?” his voice was just like human being, pronunciations perfect and the tone… well the tone really really rude!

“I am camping!” he answered. “Who are you?” he repeated his question.

His question was ignored again, the creature responded in a mocking tone, “On a full moon night?”


“Do you know forests and woods on full moon nights are reserved for magical creatures?”

“Before meeting you I did not knew that magical creatures exist!” he blurted out and regretted his words because the creature raised its eyebrows really high!

“Well…. Then let me help you in believing it!”

He muttered something and blew a little air from his mouth at him.

He felt really dizzy, the world became foggy and he felt like everything around him was becoming really, really big and colourless.

The creature turned into a giant.

He tried to ask him what he has done to him but instead of speaking he croaked.

In a jiffy a mirror appeared in the hands of the creature and he showed him the image of himself… a pair of eyes, bulging out of a green, twisted body looked back at him.


“Go play in the pond!” the creature smiled.


the addition, as usual is with the original post- look at the right hand side column for the original post. you know the location of the original post, right? its in my second story blog

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14 thoughts on “what is it

      1. I do try – I hope someday I don’t have to worry about doing anything else but just dream – brood and write.. but till then.. hope you know the dilemma!

  1. Are you going to continue this one? I would very much like to know what he is. Like David I am wondering if it is a fairy 🙂
    P.S. I’ll upload mine in a little while. You’d be surprised it might be a little similar…

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