Thursday Blog 25.4.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

After the tasteless posts of last month, this month I want to just breathe a bit, by being a bit wicked. Don’t take them personally; nothing is applicable to everyone in this world. World is blending of different type of persons- good and bad.

Dear diary,

It’s been so many centuries we Indian women have been accepting the immature ways of our men, hoping them to grow up and act like adults, like we do. We accept that they are made of flesh and blood and can commit mistakes. They can stalk us, lure us, tempt us, and try to corrupt us- finally if not in all cases, in some cases we have the final say.

But look at them on the other hand, for ages they have been whining that we corrupt them, seduce, them… as if we are the final decision makers! Ha!

They loved to chop off…

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