thursday thoughts 4.7.13

water skate

Why will we respect and love the ocean? Well ponder over these points:

life in sea produces a third of the oxygen that we breathe.


the ocean absorbs approximately 30% of the carbon dioxide that has been emitted by human activities since the industrial revolution, this has helped in limiting the overall extent of global warming substantially.


fisheries directly employ almost 200 million people and provide over 15% of the dietary intake of animal protein.


Marine bio products are raw materials for manufacturing industries such as paints, fertilizers, skin lotions, toothpastes and medicines.


the divergent chemical deposits in the marine environment are an asset and might even yield new anti cancer drugs.


the shore provides for marine transportation, recreation, tourism and salt production.


Mangroves can protect the coastal aquifers from sea water intrusion and safeguard the coastal communities from natural calamities like cyclones and tsunami.


coastal wetlands play an important role in water quality regulation by capturing and filtering sediments and organic waste transits from inland.


So what do you think now?


(Dr Prakash Nelliyat and Dr Balakrishna Pisupati)


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