Thursday Thoughts 18.7.13

To bring harmony to a country’s development and coastal ecosystem this set of suggestion were made by the experts:

Adequate knowledge of the biophysiological functions of the ecosystems and their regeneration capacity should be spread at the regional level!


Coastal and marine ecosystem/products are public goods but there are liabilities too, they are not personal and they should be handed over to the future generations- this message should be made clear and should be made followed.


marine protected areas should be increased in size.


implementation of taxes and fees like pollution tax, user charge etc may act as disincentive to resource degradation! on the other hand payment for preserving eco system should be introduced!


Land based activities, which have an adverse impact on coastal and marine ecosystems should be controlled immediately.


coastal biodiversity conservation must be a participatory process with the support of various shareholders including the general public.

(Dr Prakash Nelliyat and Dr Balakrishna Pisupati)


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