Thursday Thoughts 1.8.13

In last ten years rising sea levels have gobbled up two islands in Sunderbans, the home of royal Bengal tigers in Bengal, India, one of the islands was inhabited the other one had people living in it.

This is now threatening the unique eco system of sunderbans, where men co exist with 26 species of true mangroves, 234 species of birds and 47 species of animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, all of these face threat from global warming! Hope something happens before it’s too late.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 1.8.13

  1. It is a pity the world has come to this. Human beings have shifted the natural balance. Now it is up to ALL OF US to do something about it. The trouble is, humans have the capacity to imagine the future, but the logic of what they see is not easily transferable into preventable action. So much is against action: inertia, traditions, democracy (yes democracy too), and greed. We have to become stoics.

  2. This is one thing that makes me fear for our future as a species – we depend on other forms of life for our own existence, and to slowly destroy them like this endangers our own place in the world.

    In destroying our only home in the universe, we are destroying ourselves. Nature punishes the selfish and short-sighted with extinction, and we risk bringing that on ourselves.

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