Thursday Blog 1.8.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

Quite a lot Indians bemoan the way Indian society has become corrupted over the years, if one notices one will see that the seed of that corruption has spread its branches all over the society like the roots of a banyan tree spreads in the walls of a careless home-owners home to bring it down.

Indians sympathize with criminals, prostitutes – people who very often join the band for easy money. They shun whistle blowers and allow them to be harassed by criminals and sex traffickers.

They don’t feel any sympathy for their maids or other poor men and women working hard to earn their bread without taking short cuts; cheer, sympathize their rich heroes and heroines even if they are caught evading tax.

They don’t lend a helping hand to victims of criminal activities, in place of that they shun them fearing reprisal of the criminals, often they join…

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