The advertisement read, after trying for years Dr. X’s clinic materialized Krishna’s dream of motherhood, below it was the photograph of a woman holding an infant.

The television was blaring about the population explosion and its effects.

She looked at her bed, her cat was sitting on it, nursing a kitten… naah! Not hers… that cat was the most affectionate of her cat battalion and for some wicked twist of fate all her babies were still born- both times. This one was a deserted kitten, that followed her cats to her home and she just could not shoo it out.

it first aimed for a nursing mother, she after a bit sulking allowed it to share her milk with its kitten. Then this one had her miscarriage and started to nurse her.

She got her baby, he got her mother.

These are the things that make life beautiful, she smiled with joy.


4 thoughts on “mother

    • lot of the things said about them are quite wrong, I don’t think my cats were aliens, but I have seen quite a great amount of dose of affection in male cats towards small kittens – whereas I used to live under the misconception that they kill them on sight!

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