cyber land woes

Well, a month has passed in the new house, I have started to like it a lot already, but that is not the reason behind my disappearance, the internet speed has not improved a bit till date, its still the same old dog with same old tricks- say for example, if I try to visit five or six of my friends, with moderately decorated websites, and post three or four comments in every blog then it takes more than three hours! Well I am a trained typist so don’t think my typing speed is slow, earlier the same task took barely an hour or less… thus… hope you will forgive my disappearance.

I still am trying to muster up courage and restart my Thursday posts!

Those of you who miss my magical personality (hee hee) will find me in my first blog in wordpress- I am trying my best to keep that blog as much alive as I can.

wish my internet connection life, healthy one!

C U soon!


15 thoughts on “cyber land woes

  1. How long does it take to upload a post? If you write it in a word processor and then copy/paste it into WordPress, it should be manageable. It does sound very frustrating though. Keep your spirits up!

    • today the internet is behaving, so it took me half an hour to post the entire thing (including the time it took to become visible on the blog), I have to check it, because too many times it has happened before that wordpress gets confused, gives you a message that your post has been published but when you go to your blog you don’t see it there, and after you check your posts page you see that its sitting their smugly in draft mode. So its a habit I have made to check the post in blog after getting the message that it has been published.

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