Jurrasic Attack

The commandos shot their way through the small crater that was home to dinosaurs, heaven only knows how they survived for all these years, it was by chance that the commandos from USA stumbled into that small crater while in a stealthy operation to wipe out a group of rebels in Amazon, with clear instructions from their superiors- if you don’t succeed level the village to ground.

Now, they could have easily tried to practice stealth, but they most probably were not trained to control their guns, and their guns were super power so they shot and killed every thing the TRexes, the raptors… and finally their army chopper showed up to save them, even after boarding the chopper they shot a couple of dinosaurs.

poor fellows, they did not noticed that they were shooting near the nesting ground of pterodactyls, before the pilot could scream their copter plummeted back to the crater, right in the middle, they scampered out without any ammunition or guns.

nature’s revenge?


I am watching movies day in and day out, so these are some of my parodies to some movies that really annoyed me! I have only added the final part, the rest is absolutely taken from the movie, no personal view expressed there.


8 thoughts on “Jurrasic Attack

  1. Don’t mess around with nature. It’s easy to think we have the upper hand until one wrong step and then we’re in deep trouble. Somehow I don’t think they’re going to do very well.

    • Avatar has captured human nature very perfectly- war mongers are filling up the world with blood thirsty people, who feel no remorse in bloodshed. any human being will feel sad for Afghanistan, such an amazing country that has suffered so much because of its crucial positioning in world map! one after the other aggressors have tried to usurp it!

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