Shubho Mahashtami

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Those who don’t know much about Durgapuja, and are not that eager to go through the huge posts I have written earlier, well, I love Durgapuja for too many reasons, I always loved it because as a child I was taught to love it, then with age I realized how much respect it gives to women, just imagine the demon that was invincible to Gods, men and demons was slain by the Mother Goddess, what a morale booster for feminists!

The mythological story of Durgapuja is the story of the Mother Goddess Durga slaying Demon Mahishasur who conquered the three worlds- earth, heaven and hell. The Bengali touch to it is Bengalis believe that during these five days the Mother Goddess who resides in Kailasa with her husband Shiva visits her earth home, with her four children, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi,Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha. In Bengal love overpowers devotion as the undercurrent of five day festivities; the mood is more like welcoming a mother than worshipping almighty Goddess for material blessings.

The weather forecast, well its cloudy today and raining quite a bit, not too much! Let’s keep the people of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh in our prayers as we offer our prayers on the most auspicious of the five days of Durgapuja.

Those who want to know a bit more about Durgapuja can check these posts:


Those who are more comfortable with facebook, Jamie has pampered me once again by sharing this post on her facebook account, I don’t know much about facebook because I don’t have an account and have never used it, but in case its more comfortable to you you can check it out here:


Have a blessed time.

Much love.



8 thoughts on “Shubho Mahashtami

  1. Blessings. You have wonderful rituals to honour your traditions.
    In an August post on my blog, headed ‘the mystery of thoughts’ I mention Mount Kailash, housing Shiva’s family, as a timeless centre, a metaphor for the interconnected networks of mutual relationships between parts and systems.

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