thursday blog 7.11.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

Every year Diwalii, the festival of lights is celebrated and every year quite a substantial number of adults wonder why is it necessary for a hand few of us to harass others, whenever they can.

Those who have a pair of perfect or semi perfect ears know how much bothersome crackers can be for healthy people, forget about those who are suffering from physical or mental problems.

Even two decades back almost everyone stuck to one day or at the maximum two days of bursting crackers, I remember my parents teaching us to burst them on the Diwali day, and if anything is left then burst them within eight in the night, so that no one is bothered.

now, I noticed with great concern that most of the crackers start bursting after ten, and they keep bursting till early hours of morning, the deeper the night is the louder areā€¦

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