thursday blog 14.11.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

Why are the political parties so afraid of public opinion, and who has given them the right to choke it I often wonder.

Well, television channels have recently picked up a very healthy habit, running pols, about different subjects, depending on the type of stuff broadcasted on that channel, I watched a couple of them and really liked the idea, one of them was about the present condition of the countries and what does the youth expects and what angers them.

political parties certainly don’t like the attention drawn on them, so they are trying to poke their nose, and stop these polls. oh boy! is it really democracy or a joke?

in every democracy, which is as far as I have read by the people, of the people, for the people the people should have right to express their opinions, share their opinions about things that may ruin them…

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