Those of you who write me emails, know that I dont use the email ids attached with wordpress to communicate, why? You all know, its impossible to sift through the humongous amount of mails sent by wordpress and pick up the one or two other mails. Its quite not weird to me that ever since changing location I cant access any of the three accounts I use for my personal communications, two in hotmail and one in outlook. Even though I created the last one after shifting there, so, PLEASE DONT SEND ME ANY PRIVATE MAIL IN (that applies to you too David, dont write in that outlook account), and do certainly ignore any mail that comes from that mail. I wont be surprised if they do!

one thing wont surprise me, that will be if some is using those email addresses, because even though i quite correctly filled up the form supplied by hotmail it bluntly said that the informations are not accurate, so, chances are high that someone hacked in and changed the information.

I think those of you who write me emails use, just forget it and wait till i open another account and share that with you.

btw what do you think about facebook?



  1. Here is me on facebook:
    and my new blog is
    communication is key. I am in security and can help if you have questions on all of the above. Jackie

    • seriously? first of all i will thank you with all my heart for offering the help. I will really love to have a facebook account but all those scary stories i read about facebook, the malicious attacks in it and the worst- using it to hack into the computer scares me most. is there any way to avoid these?

  2. I will send you all those intimate messages here them 🙂 it seems you didn’t get them, now I understand why you never responded 😉

    In jest, hope it is ok 🙂

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