Thursday Thoughts 23.1.14

As we sit here, the fishermen of Japan are doing a thing which can be termed as only one thing Ghoulish, or may be devillish (in its darkest sense).

These ghouls are herding up dolphins from ocean and slaughtering them.

Who has given them the right to herd creatures from ocean and kill them? Who do they think they are? These fishermen, the companies they work for should be blacklisted and the rest of the world should ban their products totally, and then we will see how much they enjoy that part!

disgusting, repulsive monsters!


18 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 23.1.14

  1. This deeply saddens me. I first became aware of their horrific annual hunt through the 2009 Academy Award winning movie The Cove. It’s things like this that make me so disappointed in the human race. Our world is in such need of compassion. As Mahatma Gandi said: “β€œThe greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    Our world has so very far to go. I pray for the sweet souls of these innocent creatures.
    michele at

  2. we are quick to realize animal cruelty. True. But human cruelty too should be considered. That in which they are allowed to live but their dignity, soul, honour, opportunities, respect are all butchered , daily, since time immemorial, in India.

      • Insects and animals, yes they are all very important as all have a soul. I remember how a character (Mrs. Moore) in E. M. Forster’s “A Passage to India” cares for a moth!
        Shamistha I know you have a very kind heart.Please reblog my entry on Untouchables in your blog, the link is here:

    • no, copy-pasting that link drew blank. It simply lead to your blog. Its a good sign that untouchability is illegal in India, and the province where i live, west bengal, well, here its almost invisible- here people only ponder about caste, creed and such mumbo jumbos when they are marrying- that i think is anyone’s absolutely personal affair. anyone can make as much fuss as they want on that ground.

      btw, I will try to locate that post, in the meantime I will be really grateful if you share some of the dark stains of your own culture, that will be a new thing for us, because my blogs are stuffed with vices of Indian culture 😦 I am pretty sure my readers will be relieved to have some freshness.

      • Now you have forced me to think about my own culture. I thought Indian was my culture and I discussed Untouchability not as an outsider. I am very much part of it. I was born and bred in UP and know the practice fully, no outsider will or can know as much. Happy to know your claim about this vile practice that it is gone from WB. Hopefully it will be shown the way out elsewhere also.
        what is the link to your blog about this untouchables so I can go through and learn some thing.

      • No, Untouchability as it is and has been practiced in India is not and cannot be practiced in Pakistan and in fact anywhere in the world, fortunately. Yes there are many social vices there too like anywhere else, for example exploitation of the poor by the rich, corruption, fundamentalism, killings, sectarian violence etc.
        But, but please do not take me wrong.
        I AM AT a loss as to what is really my culture. I was born in U.P., India and grew up there. I can only identify myself with the Indian culture of U.P. and find at odds with whatever the four areas of Pakistan have to offer in the line of their cultures. Never the less I am now in the stage of life I feel that being a citizen of the world, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY THING.

      • well, as a Hindu who is well aware of caste system in present India I will say only one thing, that the article was targetted for Hindus of independence or before independence time, things have change a lot, and if we start digging past vices, I am quite proud to say that Hinduism is one of the most liberal, kind and tolerant religions in the whole world – they have alllowed people of every culture, religion to share their land πŸ™‚

      • government is giving the leverage in every sphere, you can read about quotas given to them by Indian Government, its high time that they start utilizing that immense power. If you dont help yourself and your brothers, God wont be able to help you, forget about other human beings.

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