One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 29.1.14


Her sigh blew the curtain… Mira sat down on the bed.

“A woman’s place is in her own home… that belongs to her husband, her kids and her husband are what make her a woman, there is no place for a woman in her father’s home…” a voice from her past mocked her.

“This is not your house… I will do whatever I please, if it does not suits you get out… go back to your father’s home…” another voice echoed.

Her husband’s new wife entered the room, a little chill ran down her body as she walked through Mira, her sweet, pretty face paled a bit.

She placed a burning candle and a incense stick in front of her picture before quickly getting out of the room.

“The garland in didi’s painting is all dried up….” she could hear her talking to her husband.

“Remind me tomorrow, when I am on my way back home from office…” he answered in a sugary tone. In the tone he used to talk with her, when she was newly married.

She was trapped in this room, her anger, pain and frustration that forced her to kill herself has tied her down to this room… there was no escape!

musegames on wednesdays


10 thoughts on “One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 29.1.14

    • its funny, is not it? We Hindu women are brought up being fed that their world is their husband’s world, then they are roasted alive there, or if thrown out they have no where to turn to. yet, society tries to prove to independent single women that their lives are a waste! pathetic psychology or jealousy? πŸ™‚

      • Men simply don’t like losing control over their “possessions”, including women and children – no matter which society you look at, unless it’s some remote Amazonian rainforest society where women rule, hypocritical men want their cake and eat it, too.

        A very rich and heart-breaking story. I’d like to think that one day the ghost-woman will learn to step out of her own picture and give that husband of hers a painful smack across the nose!

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