Thursday Paints 13.2.14

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu


Well, I hope my plants will survive the summer, the flowers are gone, but … they are equally welcome without them 🙂

I loved you when you
decked your body with flowers
will keep doing same

I always hated when my avid, expert gardener father plucked clean his garden in a routine manner, absolutely nonchalant if they were still blooming… even though that meant we could pluck those flowers and play with them, but the method of getting those flowers always lessened the fun.

When I started planting, I almost never removed a live plant from my garden, even if it was a flowerless plant- roses with zygantia for example, plants stay alive but due to some problem they dont bloom. Of course i had to de-weed but that was done with ample sadness.

Now, after so many years without a single plant to call my own, I am looking…

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Paints 13.2.14

  1. Flowers are like youth, beautiful while they are there, but once they are gone, the tree bears the fruit that the flowers were preparing for (I know that only works with trees, but I still liked the idea.) 🙂

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