tragic valentine

val humour 14214

She could not decide, whether she will laugh out loud or feel aghast.

It was Valentine’s day, initially it was a source of great annoyance, then came the phase of indifference, and now, when she is old she sometimes enjoys it.

The house opposite to hers is residence to about five hundred girls, of various ages, they come to Kolkata to study, but dont want to stay in hostel or may have failed to arrange for one, so they live here.

Its a daily affair but ever since a decade or so, ever since media channels made it the greatest day for lovers, 14th February is a hotspot for action.

She saw the first bunch loitering from seven, the time when most of the school girls come out to get their buses.

Then she noticed him, an elderly man from a nearby residence, she knew him well, because she has seen him eying the girls, ranging from school girls to working women. Not the middle-aged ones, the ones closer to his age… he preferred younger, prettier ones.

Today, it seemed he was the knight of the neighbourhood, along with some local residents he shooed off all the Romeos from the vicinity… till it was time for the young women to come out.

Then he disappeared for half an hour and reappeared, in a flashy dress and flashier grin, and settled down on the seat in bus stop, with a newspaper in his hands. His eyes were roaming on the faces of women, girls waiting for bus… the newspaper was just enjoying the spring breeze.

She mused out in her mind, “Most probably this is why Indian men and women rarely discover true love in their mates, when women want to be wooed by men, they are either bashful or too arrogant, by the time women become bored, men start eying young girls, after all, they have such a huge population to select from… an established man in this country can brazenly ask for the hand of a girl, half his age or lesser… so what is the rush….”


11 thoughts on “tragic valentine

    • Indian men are quite confused, when they are supposed to chase girls they stay away, and after they get married and especially cross mid forties they all of a sudden start to notice and often chase girls not women- they prefer calling women their age didi or aunt- honestly! so they could dye their hair and chase girls- and if they are rich and powerful they become predators mostly!

      Its a shame there was a time when Indians so respected relationships- if someone called you sister, even aunt you could trust that he or she meant it. Somewhere down the road Indian men have started to treat women as commodities in place of slaves. There are too many of them to ignore them, well, as a blessed relief just a few days ago I was watching a series on Indian men where a handful of established Indian women expressed exactly my views on majority of men… my brother was watching the program and promptly changed it so i was deprived of the joy of listening to their complete opinion but …. heard enough

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