Thursday Blog 13.2.14

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

thursday blog log

Is it arrogance, jealousy or stupidity that forces married people to think that single people are either defective (physically or mentally), deprived or depraved?

Ever since my childhood, I have noticed this pathetic mindset and it has annoyed and tickled me. The most annoying part is when they get preachy, even though it is none of their business, still they love to brag and blabber how everyone should marry and procreate!

As if their neat little batallion is not heavy enough load on mother earth! So, while we ignore or get amused by their lovegames and the activities thereafter they tend to pester us with their sheer dumb nosiness.

But, as with time patience gets shorter, sooner or later one of them will get a sure dose of good medicine from this tongue at-least, a healthy dose that has always been tucked up inside, but being the daughter of a…

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