Thursday Scribbling 20.2.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


I still remember a joke I shared with a friend of mine, an American, about Indian boys, he was curious if Indian boys flitter around girls with roses and chocolates, when I looked back to my childhood, not too far away btw, I never saw one, forget me, I may be too ugly, but none of my friends met boys with roses, chocolates or greetings cards, but met too many of them passing taunting remarks about their physical beauties and drawbacks.

Its quite strange, what is wrong with Indian men, they can lust after women, that is so male, but wooing a woman, admiring her openly, showing affection is unmanly… they can harass women but cant become an open lover, admirer.

I remember a sister of mine, cousin, her husband was absolute pervert, I was shell-shocked to hear that he used to sleep with his mother even after his marriage…

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