Thursday Blog 27.2.14

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

thursday blog log

Some answers trigger more questions in mind, a response from one of my treasured friends Vishal did likewise. Well, Indian women are quite nice examples of exploitation, because they are brought up in a timid, conservative way. Their western sisters have earned their freedom, equality by fight, but Indian women have been gifted that same treasure by men like Vidyasagar and Rammohan.

So, it is really tough for Indian women to rise above their values, teachings and go out.

Now I am anti-prostitution (I dont care what you think, say or label me) because to me its the most disgusting form of exploitation of women, these women are paid dime to do the dirtiest job in world and then when they are diseased, no longer capable they pull other womens into that hell, or other women are pulled there to entertain the ever-increasing customer base! I believe their customers should…

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