Thursday paints 6.3.14

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu

woman in waves 23.2.14 2

Dreaming of ocean
sitting, staring at screen,
if only I…

Aah! love at first sight wont be right term, love after coming close will be the correct term, but true, as deep as ocean himself…

When I first saw him, I thought a huge muddy river, rolling to and forth, then my mother said, it is the ocean… I was disappointed, but then we went to the beach after dumping things in hotel and I fell in love!

When we left after four days, returned home I left my heart, ears there, I could hear his roar for weeks, in every traffic noise 🙂

I have been near ocean only twice in life, but… just cant get over it! May be, if I hit a diamond mine I will buy myself an island and pray that when global warming happens it wont submerge or wont become John Sutter’s Mill!


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