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A little more about Orca whales, from an article in orca spirit, a website. They are such amazing creatures, its so cruel to keep those creatures, that are supposed to be in ocean, confined in a fish tank.

Killer (?) whales live in tight-knit famillies, called pods, each pod is led by a female, a matriarch, she tends to be the oldest female, she teaches the young ones alost everything from parenting skills, feeding tactics, navigation through vast territories they cover.

The females live upto 80 years in ocean, males 60, their gestation period is really long, 16 to 18 months, the reason being their huge brain, largest in any animal ever evolved in earth, in order to develop this huge brain, the baby stays in utero. Their large brain explains why orca are one of the most intelligent species in the world, with the ability to develop language, culture and sophisticated relationships.

One of the best example of their sophistication is most probably their mating ritual- men dont squabble over mate.

Their most beautiful side is mother and child bonding. Once a calf is born in a pod, it stays with that pod for the rest of its life. It is brought up by the entire pod. When they are born a female relative takes it to the surface to breathe, while the mother takes a break…. the calf nurses on mother’s milk for a year, learning to catch fish though…

female killer whales invest so much time in parenting that they have a calf in every 4-8 years. This makes the population growth real slow, to add up, there was a spree of capturing them and selling them to aquariums from 1960 to 1970, that spree caused an irreparable damage.

Now, if you still are not convinced how heartless it is to catch their babies for amusement, here is a story, true one, one of the scientists studying orcas, discovered a mother with a still born calf, the mother not ready to accept that the baby is dead carried it in her mouth, without eating, for eight days, and finally, when the pod was swimming through an area where it was impossible her to carry it in her mouth anymore she placed that baby on a rock, the pod stayed there for a long time, absolutely silently, before swimming away. It has been reported that they come back there regularly, and spend some silent moments there.

Now, after reading this article, I have started to believe that it is ghoulish to capture whales or any other intelligent creature unless it is done to save it.

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