The terror

Athena 28.3.13

People called her wise soul. She often dreamt of a place, an ancient city, filled with ruins, there were no people around. She was the only living being there.

But she had a feeling that something waited for her, something evil, that lurked in the darkness of the ruins, waited for her to enter there.

When she was child she woke up scared.

Then with time she started to look for it, from room to room, to face it, no longer afraid.

Could never meet it. Seemed it was hesitant too… too meet her face to face.

Life went by.

One night she was there, she saw a shadow in one of the windows, looking at her. She quickly crossed the distance and met her… yes, her face to face. It was she herself, shrivelled old, with white hair and missing teeth, smiling innocently at her.

“I was afraid of you?” she could barely suppress her surprise.

“Yes… time relieves us of so many childhood fears.” the other she answered.


One suggestion came from my priceless friend Berlioz, (, he said he really liked my very short stories, that were really short and ended within a page, with a single photo.

I will share stories of that type with you, under this page, let me know honestly what you feel about them, are they complete or something is missing in them.


2 thoughts on “The terror

  1. You do put a lot of depth in your stories, even your very short ones. I love this one. That sort of ancient ruins, totally deserted is the kind of thing I would love to see.

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