One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 26.3.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

boy on rocks 16.3.14 1

Before she could say no, he darted to the rocks, and clambered up, using all four, like a little monkey. She dragged herself as fast as she could, because by the way she was half way to the top she could see him jumping like a little monkey.

“Dont fall down…” She shouted, trying to subdue the roar of ocean.

“I won’t mommy, come here…” he stopped jumping.

He snuggled against her, then shyly whispered, “You are better than ma… you never hit me, you always take me to cool places.”

“Hush darling, dont say such words.” she gently kissed his soft, fragrant hair.

musegames on wednesdays

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