Scribd account and a little help

I have opened an account in scribd, a friend suggested and after a cursory appraisal it appeared nice. Promised a solid number of readers, who may try your works if you have that magic in them. After all, i believe if you dont have that zing, no matter how hard you try to push sale your work wont stand for long.

Facts are,

I opened a free account (Dont have money to offer).
I loaded 11 posts (some containing multiple stories or poems)
some for free and some for their minimum charge- 0.99 USD
i categorized them under creative writing
I added a few common tags- sharmishtha basu, poems, stories, mini stories etc..

The questions are,

Am I walking in the right track? I wont mind earning from my writings as long as they have my name when they are published.

I will certainly love to be noticed by some literary agent or publisher.

How will I know if someone has bought my work and what will that buying mean?

How can I interact with other writers there? I tried to find them but could not.

my profile there is-

Any help will be a great help.
thanks and love.

Please Please leave your URLs with your comments so I can return your sweet gesture. We all love to read comments, dont we?

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