Thursday Thoughts 17.7.14

thursday thoughts

Plants can talk, say scientists

Plants feel pain, say scientists.

Every stroke of those pruning shears could have the average shrub writhing in agony.

Researchers in Bonn, Germany, found plants give off a gas when under ‘attack’.

Super-sensitive microphones picked up a ‘bubbling’ sound from a healthy plant. But this rose to a piercing screech when it was under threat. Even a tiny insect bite could have an effect.

‘The more a plant is subjected to stress, the louder the signal,’ said Dr Frank K¸hnemann.

Plants do not actually scream in pain. But different sounds are heard when the gas they emit, ethylene, is bombarded with lasers.

The research could help to work out which pieces of fruit and vegetables are likely to stay fresh longer, as a cucumber which is starting to go off produces a squealing sound. It could then be separated from the fresher ones.

Fruit exporters are already showing interest in the research. Wolfgang Praetorius, of Cologne- based Fruchthansa, said: ‘Individual pieces of fruit could be tested after being harvested. We’d know which ones to ship together.’
D r K ¸ h n e m a n n believes plants give off ethylene to warn others of an ‘attack’. He said: ‘Perhaps plants and trees are ‘talking to each other.’


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 17.7.14

  1. I had read something like this recently and people who are vegetarian were wondering if the plants feel pain and are sensitive to slaughter, like animals, what then will they eat?. As they do not eat animals because of cruelty to them (not them, the animals). It was suggested that they could just live on honey, milk, lentles,wheat. No green (or fresh) stuff as the green element (or the juices) is like blood.

    • honey is stolen from bees, milk is stolen from calves… if you read all these things you will stop eating. Vegetarians should just be content with what they are eating 🙂 They should not try us nonvegans feel like monsters 🙂

      • It is the law of nature that one kills other beings in order to live (lions, shark, so many others) so man cannot do wrong if he kills to eat. But some are too sensitive even for the vegetables. that is strange.

      • human beings are carnivore by natural laws, or else they would not have the canines in their teeth… having one’s own preference is normal, but forcing those preferences on others is abnormal 🙂

      • we eat cooked food so do not need these canines but yes in the old days we may have used them to tear open pieces of meat which we still do with the BBQed items. Anyway, our near cousins Gorillas and the chimps and the monkeys are vastly herbivorous? no?

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