Thursday Thoughts 24.7.14

First a joke:

A woman went to grocery shop to pick up the groceries, her husband was too lazy, his days were spent lounging on the sofa, watching the television and drinking bear. His only activity was going to the refrigerator to grab another bottle.

She found an ugly bird sitting on birdstand on her way back home.

“Who will buy that ugly bird?” she joked to the owner.

“Ugly?” he asked with a big smirk, “Watch him in action.”

He looked at the bird and said, “Goony bird wood.”

The bird pounced on a log and with a furious storm of attack ripped it to pieces in minutes.

“Goony bird chair.”

In a minute there was no chair standing in that room.

The woman returned home with that bird dangling in the cage.

“You dumb woman! You wasted all that money on that ugly hideous bird!” her husband roared from the sofa.

“Darling it is a rare species… it is called Goony bird.”

“Goony bird my foot….”

You can guess the rest 🙂

(I dont remember the source of this joke but it is one of my favorite jokes.)

Now, the nature part, did you know Goony bird is another name for Albatros? I never even imagined that part.

thursday thoughts


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