driving 61012

She looked back again… He was driving right behind her.

There was no car in the empty highway, she cursed her decision of driving till the next motel.

She left one behind at five in the evening, it was too early, the man in the dining hall told her that the next one is a few hours away, it was close to eleven and she is not there yet…

Meghna noticed this car a couple of hours ago… its steadily following her from a fixed distance, slows down and accelerates with her.

Her heart was beating faster. The car suddenly picked up speed and drove past her, disappeared around the bend.

She slowed down, bracing herself for some mischief… there it was the motel… right around the bend.

The car was standing in the parking lot.

A young woman was standing beside it, she smiled when their eyes met.

“Glad that you were on the road…” she grinned before Meghna could say anything.



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