Thursday thoughts 14.8.14

Well, we all know that outside earth is solarsystem then galaxy then what? Quite an interesting question, is not it?

The universe certainly ends somewhere, everything that starts, ends too… what is outside? baffling is not it?

This is one of the questions that have always triggered my wanderlust, my muse’s wanderlust I will say, she used to roam in planets with strangest creatures even before i gathered up the courage of writing.

if science fiction was not so overpopulated with brilliant brains I might have tried to share some of her dreams.

thursday thoughts


2 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts 14.8.14

  1. The universe is not a straight line that starts and ends. (What it is actually????) The Big Bang happened some ? billion years ago (now a fact), and its so called “baby cry”, the radiation that was created at that time is now coming to us from “all” the directions. Its discovery resulted in someones’s wining Nobel prize (I forgot the name) Strangely the scientist who predicted it first got nothing. It is a good thing to keep on thinking like you do Sharmishtha.

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