Thursday Thoughts 21.8.14

Who says all human beings are selfish, mean creatures always ready to kill animals that trespass in their world. Ahem… I almost believed that!

I was watching a cute program on national geographic on 12th august, it just turned my heart into marshmallow.

Honestly, no kidding.

The fisherment of Indonasia play with some strange creatures- wild whale sharks.

It was so fabulous to see them swimming with the whales, teasing them, riding on their back, feeding them, and above all counting them as good signs for their prosperity.

It was even more heartwarming because they have not been tempted by the greed of the price those innocent creatures will pay if they slaughter them.

I just hope and pray that after this bonding has been flashed all over media the poachers wont follow the trail.

For now, I just loved the way those poor fishermen showed the most beautiful trait of human beings love and kindness. it will stay in my heart for long, long time 🙂


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