2 stories in top 30 serials of jukepop oh yeah baby!!

Well I have posted four stories in Jukepop, one of them got published on 29th august, but the remaining three were given a big boost by JP.

The Tower and Strange Island were placed 26 and 25 in their top thirty serials of August and the third one, Harmony was 48th on 31st.

Thanks a million times guys, I have been thinking about publishing my poems (self publishing) but never gave much thought to try my stories, honestly, i never thought my mild stories will attract readers, they are too mild and dont have any amazing emotion to compensate for that- Rowling’s imagination or Maupassant’s emotions I mean πŸ™‚ So I sort of wanted to snap me out of that “idea” of trying my story books to get published and posted my works in JP but they convinced me otherwise.

So, alongwith the haiku books will come two story books too.

If they succeed a huge credit will go to JP.

Thanks again guys for giving me so much happiness!

As for the administrator of JP I will suggest one thing, the veteran writers there are absolutely loyal to their own small group. They dont waste any time outside (almost at all), so the admin may think about encouraging the new writers.

i have started doing it. I vote on every story and comment on them (even though none of them comment or vote back) but after all these years in WP this is what I have learned. I am returning the love my WP friends have given me there.

But the admin may think about forming a small group of writers who will read the works of others and encourage them. That will be really good for the website’s contributors.

At the end love and thanks!

The Tower – https://www.jukepop.com/home/read/4601

The strange island




I have forgotten the url of the forth story, Gateway to hell πŸ™‚


Please Please leave your URLs with your comments so I can return your sweet gesture. We all love to read comments, dont we?

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