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spr 2.2.13

Dear Son,

So many times you asked me about the places I go to visit when I am away on my trips. But I never answered you. Well, if you want to know… I can show you the way.

But beware, if you dont practice caution you may never come back to your home.

I have left you a diary and a key. They will reach you any day now…

I have left the instruction to post them to you in case I am not reporting to them for more than six months, so, I must be either dead or lost. If I am dead I hope I dont have any consciousness, or else I will be missing this world so much, if I am lost, come find me.

with all my blessings.

He folded the letter back to the envelope. Its been more than six months, his father has packed and left. He was a journalist with a science channel, often he went out on his own to investigate or with his team to work. So, not seeing him for months at a stretch was not a surprise for Jay, but this letter, that reached him yesterday made him call everyone his father knew and they all drew blank, no one had any clue where he was.

A small box arrived that very afternoon. The box was antique, it seemed it was carved from some unknown stone. He has never seen anything like that in his whole life, It looked like a crystal, the only thing was he has never seen a crystal that huge, that could carve a 6 inch x 6 inch box, about another six inch high in it. A beautiful oval shaped box.


He opened the box with eager hands.

There was a key inside it. A key made of the same crystal, apart from that there was another note.

Dear son,

think deeply, if you decide to move forth, join a journey of adventure use this key to open the locker in my reading desk.

the drawer you always wanted to see inside but never could. There is a diary. First read it, then use the set of keys there.

May your heart be your guide.
affectionately yours,
your father.

He quickly went upstairs and opened the drawer. His father was right, he has tried to open it so many times when he was a kid. Waiting for a single chance when his father might leave the key by mistake. But he never did.

There was a diary inside it, as promised and a set of keys made out of crystal, but every key had each own colour, he counted, there were twenty keys in total.

He locked the keys back in the drawer and took the diary to his bed.

The first page said-

We are the descendants of one of the greatest sorcerers that world has ever known. It is believed that our ancestor thousands of years ago created a world of magic beautiful and evil both. That was so powerful that it took generations to capture them and close them behind doors that kept them inside by spells.

The following generations used those realms as training arenas.

Then came our times, we the ones without any magical power, with only one hunger- hunger for wealth and adventure. So many has lost their lives behind those doors. Yet I will go… and every time I can return I will share the stories ….

In the end his father’s name was signed.

He turned the next page.

The red door –

I turned the key into the hole and the door opened. There was a small ante room before another door. In that room there was a cloak and a ring, and a letter.

My son, if you are following my footsteps, do not forget to keep the ring, cloak and the letter back there for your son.

So, I picked up the letter and started reading it. It was not actually one letter, I could see a huge stack lying beside, seems every man has left one after coming out of the room, for his son. Dont worry, the paper stack and inkpot keeps replentishing itself. Feel free to use.

Now, my son, the cloak will make you air, for it is a scary world inside for sure, it is the easiest one too. I wont spoil the surprises, just remember two things- the cloak will turn you into air, and if you are hungry or thirsty then you will have to open it to eat or drink, that is to use your body you will have to open it, but beware, it is a land filled with dangers. If you feel trapped, scared or tired rub the ring in your palm twice, you will come back to this room.

I passed six months in this realm. With priceless memories.

With much love,
your loving father.


He placed the diary down on his bedside table.

What was behind those doors…. he wondered. What lured men so much, that they ignored the fear of death. But above all, where was the gate to the place that lead to those worlds? He laid there watching the ceiling, trying to sleep but could not.

He threw away the covers and turned on the light. He picked up the diary and as if in answer to his questions a letter fell.

A sealed letter in his name.

He opened it and started reading instantly.

Dear son,

Open the same drawer from which you found the diary, you will have to locate the lever that will open the panel at the back, there is another key and the direction to the gateway.

Wish you the very best. But my son, dont forget to read my diary entries and letters about the rooms before you enter them.

Wish you a long and happy life.

With love and blessings,
your father.

He scrambled downstairs and opened the drawer, after minute search he located the lever, the compartment opened, it had a sealed envelope inside it.

He opened the envelop, there was a map with clear directions and two sets keys, one was normal- appeared like house keys, the other was very extraordinary- very beautiful, it was folding, when he completely opened it it measured somewhere around 1 feet by six inches, it was made of metal, with a fire coloured phoenyx as its main body, the bird was an exquisite work of art.

he folded it back and concentrated on the map.

He packed up for the trip next day, because it will take him to a small island in Andaman, owned by his family for generations- a fact he came to know just now. His father never even mentioned it. But he could see why he taught him all sorts of sports and driving every possible vehicle, starting from small ships to helicopters and small plane. He knew scuba diving and mountaineering. He was not even in his thirties…

He boarded a plane to the airport named in the directions, from there he was supposed to take HIS boat, that was in HIS house there. He thought he knew his father … he never thought he had so many secrets!

He reached his house in port blair, it was a lovely little beach house. His boat, a small and very sturdy schooner was lying in the harbour, meticulously maintained by the man who took care of the house and their small property there.

There was another thing in that sealed envelope, a bracelet, with his name carved on it, he was supposed to wear it on his arm, from the day he arrived at Port Blair, and after that for the rest of his life.

The name of the man who took care of their property was Marx, he was somewhere in his sixties but was very well built and extraordinarily handsome. If Bodhisatva was of jealous type he might have gotten jealous of his looks at that age, he was more attractive than Bodhi.

“So you are heading for the island?” Marx asked.

“Yes.” Bodhi answered, “Have you ever been there?”

“None but the descendants of your family can place their foot on that island. Better beware of that fact young master.” Marx chuckled.

“Where are you from…? around here?” Bodhi asked.

He nodded in disagreement. He seemed an amicable but silent man, and Bodhi never bothered people who preferred silence so they had their dinner early and both retired to their chambers. He could see from the arrangements that his father treated Marx as equal so he treated him like his father’s brother.

He passed a restless night.


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Have a wonderful weekend and time ahead my dear friends, wish you a fabulous time ahead.

lots of love.


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