Musegames on Wednesdays 22.10.14

“Tie this rope to the branch, any branch.” her brother smirked. Handing her a rope. “Dont worry we will be standing here, in case you faint.”

“When you tie dont look up. You may see her hanging from the branch, watching you…” he said in a strange voice.

They were standing on the dusty road of the village.

There was enough light, because the moon was almost full.

Usually it looked beautiful but not today.

She boasted that she was not afraid of ghosts and that backfired.

They were standing near a tree. A haunted tree. Where too many villagers have seen a ghost, sometimes hanging from the branch, sometimes standing under it and sometimes sitting on the very branch that she used to hang herself.

She snatched the rope away and started to walk toward the tree.

The tree was full of leaves, that made the places under it quite dark, she stared hard.

Something was there… lying on the ground…she could see her white dress. The woman was a widow and everyone who has seen her there has seen her in a white dress.

She was about to scream when it moved.

She smartly went to the tree and tied the rope.

The cow did not even moved.


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