Musegames on wednesdays 12.11.14

woman lying despair  2 16.8.14

“Where is your mother kid?” Revati asked, her heart beating faster. Where the hell were that couple! The bus was stuffed, so when the woman nudged the child towards her she lifted her up and went back to her book. The child fell asleep.

She was too lost in her book to notice the parents, after all who keeps an eye on the parents who have given their child to you??? it is supposed to be the other way round! They are supposed to be keeping an eye on you!

Was it some kind of trick? To squeeze out money from her, they might be waiting outside bus with some thugs, it will be so easy to brand her as a kidnapper!

There was no one in the deserted bus-stop.

“hand her over to the cops didi.” the conductor said. “Must have done it on purpose, must have brought that poor thing to kolkata to get rid of yet another girl child.” he shrugged and walked away.

Revati gave him her address and told him to send anyone to her home if they come looking for the kid, requested him to test the person a bit before sending him/her to her home.

the conductor nodded his head and walked away.

She looked at the girl, barely five or six years old, silently sobbing.

“Come! Your parents will come and get you! Dont cry.”

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


6 thoughts on “Musegames on wednesdays 12.11.14

    • It actually is partly based on a personal experience, back then I worked, and i dont know if you have any idea about kolkata’s office time buses well they are pure hell, so people who are lucky enough to get seats offer kids a seat on their laps, even if stark stranger, and mostly that saves the kids from getting choked.

      I was returning from office when a family climbed in, a young couple with two kids i think, they kept the boy with them and asked me to take the girl, she was about five or six years old, she climbed on my lap and fell asleep. I was lucky that I was watching them! They got down at Tollygunge, luckier me that the conductor heard me hollering at them to take their kid! That was one lifetime experience!!!

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