From the Quill of Femme sole 4 25.10.14

From the childhood we women keep hearing that a woman’s life is with her husband, her kids. That will be the only priority of her life, then time took a little change and from only priority it became first priority.

As a result most women stop thinking about a career, in place of that they start thinking about a nice sweet nest with their kids and husband.

Sometimes their dreams come true, partially true but mostly they become a failure or worse, nightmare.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a life with husband, kids, that is normal human nature most of the intelligent human beings pursuit this lifestyle. But it is always better to have an escape route from any/every situation, so women, just like men should first become financially independent and then only commit to marriage. Even after marriage, kids they should try to earn some thing, so that if time requires they can go back to that phase fully.


2 thoughts on “From the Quill of Femme sole 4 25.10.14

  1. We have seen housewives doing exceptionally well . some are motivated some are appreciated some crib about it. But they do their work extremely well .. Be it kids upbringing or household chores. Its their decision .we also have seen women who have left all the financial decisions to their husbands due to various reasons. I personally feel women play a vital role in achieving financial independence.
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    • very true. but it is always smart to keep the options open – to stay prepared in case things take bad turn… i am at present doing the same, trying to sell my books in so many numbers that i can become financially independent after years of tormenting my brother! ;(

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