Thursday Thoughts 11.12.14

Ferocious ruthless killers, that is what human beings love to label big cats, a live feed on nat geo/discovery showed something that may change your opinion.

MGM’s hotel (?) keeps some lions to entertain guests in an enclosure of-course, the given day a male lion lost his temper and attacked a keeper, it gave a solid bite to its hand, then two creatures saved that man from getting killed- the more experienced keeper and a lioness!

The experienced keeper shielded the bleeding man with his body, even though the lion kept coming for him again and again, and the lioness literally tried everything she could to stop him from attacking- pinning him to the ground, tugging his tail… again and again.

Lukcy for the keepers that the lion decided to give up.

thursday thoughts


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 11.12.14

    • Saw the video, it was terrifying! I dont know if it was in nat geo or discovery but it must be available on utube or internet.

      I watch so many programs on these two channels that end up forgetting the names of the programs

    • Lions are not playthings and human beings are their food.

      They both did not get killed because the lion did not wanted to kill them, he might have been ticked off by something and just made it clear that he is the boss even inside a cage.

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