From the Quill of Femme Sole – 6, 25.12.14

As we grow older we learn some truth, which young blood refuses to acknowledge. These truths are often used by fools as a non-existing shield and cunning as the trap to lure those fools or naives in.

One, women are often taught that learning martial art makes them Jackie Chan or Lucy Lieu, honestly, ask Jackie Chan or Lucy Lieu whether they will stick their neck into a room fool of gangsters and then prove their skills or will they avoid confrontations and use these as last resort! I have read in the book of a black-belt karate teacher that he will first run if chased by hoodlums, and if there is nowhere to run then only will he fight and that too escape not get killed. Any martial art is good, very good, every woman should try and learn it, but after learning it she should first use her brain, avoid dubious, dangerous places and activities, because remember one thing, people who attack women without provocation are barely human, so their attacks are ferocious, and normal people lack that ferocity and in a combat ferocity often writes the result. By nature’s whims men are physically stronger than women always remember that simple truth and just be safe not sorry.

The second one is if you keep yourself good (read virtuous) nothing wrong can happen with you, no matter what you do or where you go! oh yes! sure! Ask those innocent girls, women who went to bar with their “girlfriends” for some harmless fun and ended up abused, because the bartender or someone else slipped datedrug in their coke! Dont be a naive, stupid. There is no relationship between virtue and safety! Those who say it they are either fool, naive or they are planning to trap you! šŸ˜‰

In the end never trust a person who asks you to sacrifice your life, your safety. Try to understand what is that person’s actual motive behind loitering around you, you may save your neck!


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