Shubho Nabobarsho! Happy Bengali new year 1422!

nabobarsho 1422 IMG_0001 15.4.15

sunrise I_0049 1.4.15

Shubho Nabobarsho!

Have a blessed new year 1422! May all the blessings of God shower down upon your world, fill it up with good and beautiful things that last forever!


Ghoom makha chokhe roddur dekhte bhalo lage. Sakal bela ghoom theke uthe mejhete roddurer alpana, er cheye mishti aar kee hote pare?

Shuye shuye kichhukshan o tai dekhlo, taar pare armora bhenge bichhana chadlo.

Jiboner kotokichhu amra nijer doshe hariyechhi, na se nijer katha bolchhilona, bolchhilo manusher katha, adhunik hobar lobhe amra hariyechhi rod, alo aar batas!

Ekhon koti koti taka diye se sab khuje berai and jader se koti koti taka nei tara shahar phele palate parle banche.


She opened her eyes still weary with sleep and looked at the rays of sun, painting the floor of her bedroom. What can be more beautiful sight right after waking up?

She just stayed in bed, lying, watching the rays playing on the marble floor before yawning and stretching for a few minutes more and leaving the bed.

We have lost so much due to our own mistakes! she was not talking about herself, she was thinking about us, human beings, in our crazy chase for modern lifestyle we have lost sunshine and wind!

Now we build penthouses to enjoy close proximity of nature! Those who don’t have that money they try to run away from these concrete prisons they themselves have built and named towns.


Aha, this is a new promise I have made to myself, I will write a story in Bengali/Hindi and English, not exact translation but same story.

I will try to download Bengali alphabet and if available hindi alphabet but that is a dicey case! They have a tendency to mess up the system, so….


Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


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