Musegames on Wednesdays 22.4.15

BAT IMG_0015 13.4.15

The chilling gusts of wind was whipping the branches of the trees. She shivered a little, she always loved wet wind, but apparently the weather here was far different from West Bengal, it has rained only for a few days, that too with ample doses of sunshine, yet the wind was freezing.

She was about to turn back and enter the room when something landed with a soft thud on the drawing room floor, she looked down, it looked like a leaf and then it started flying, she realized it was a bat!

She tried to lure it out of the flat for next half an hour or so but the little thing has his own plans, he just attached himself to the wall and ignored her luring tactics.

Finally she gave in and went to bed, hoping he will be gone by morning!

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14

Megher hatchhani aar edate parlona, computer chhede baire baranday giye danralo! hare hare thokathuki lege galo du miniter moddhye, baapre thanda! kothay banglar mishti modhur jolo haoa aar kothay hydrabader baraf thanda hawar jhapta! Bhetare dhokar jonye pechhan phera matro thapas kore ekta kichhu samne ese porlo, pata bhebe jhuke dekhlo ekta badur. bechara hawar jhaptay grill periye ese porechhe, pakhar ektu khani chenra mone holo. Ure giye dewal theke jhulte shuru kore dilo.

Pranpan cheshta koreo oke baire ber korte parlona, deyal kamre jhulte thaklo, agatya haal chhede diye o ghumote galo, ei asha niye sakal bela nijei basay phire jabe.

Rattirbela o vampire er sapno dekhlo.

Sakalbela uthe dekhlo se basay phire gacche.


2 thoughts on “Musegames on Wednesdays 22.4.15

    • that was quite a surprise for me too, I only remembered the thing that they cant see, so if you try something vulnerable they may cling to you instead of the wall/cupboard!

      s/he was really small and hurt to be scared of! I hope s/he is fine wherever s/he is!

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