Musegames on Wednesdays 29.4.15

cloud eyes IMG_0006 12.4.15

She was sitting on the balcony, dark cloud was gathering in eastern sky, she was already making an assumption that the chances of good rain are more if the clouds come from south, from sea, than from east.

In Bengal the clouds from east brought heavy rain because they came from sea… so…

All of a sudden it caught her eyes, the clouds, it seemed like a pair of eyes looking down at her, earth…

She wondered if others will see it too if she shared the pic!

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14

Meghla haoar hatchhani baranday daklo. O cheyarta tene niye boslo. Poob akash meghe bhore galo, ghono kalo megh. Ei kichhudiner moddhyei or mone hote shuru korechhilo je ekhane beshi brishti dakshiner meghe hobe, poober meghe noy! karon samudra ekhane dakshin dike, poob dike noy.

Achamkai meghta or mon tanlo, emon mone holo jeno ekjora chokh megh theke oke dekhchhe.

Adbhut ananda aar shanti mone bhore elo.

Poseidon na Barundeb?


10 thoughts on “Musegames on Wednesdays 29.4.15

  1. I don’t want to sound arrogant but honestly I think the sweetest language is Sanskrit and next Bengali 🙂

    When it comes to aristocracy- Urdu is number one!

    • I find Sanskrit very strong and pure and of course sweet. But Bengali has a very special touch because of the pronunciations. That’s just what I feel. 🙂 and Urdu is beautiful especially bcoz I write a lot of shayaris. 🙂

      • really? why don’t you share some with us? I love shayaris but cant write them, my Urdu is not that good, just like Sanskrit I love to hear the words but cant understand much! If you will ask me to write a sentence in Sanskrit I wont be able to write a single one but love to hear anything spoken in Sanskrit (as long as the speaker pronounces it perfectly as per my assessment).

      • I will but I thought I just won’t get any readers… So! But now that I have u, it would be great. Yeah, some languages are sweet to hear if one has good pronunciations. 😀

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