Ponchishe Boisakh – Tagore’s birthday

Tagore’s birthday in English calendar was 7.5.1861, and in Bengali calendar it was 25th boisakh or ponchishe boisakh. It is quite interesting if we think about his impact on us, Bengalis, honestly, I have read, heard and sang (in my raucous voice) his poems to my heart’s fill, soul’s content, still after 30 years they have not gone at all dull, rusty or boring.

When I listen to his songs I realize how perfect his sense of music was, they absolutely fitted with the sentiments of his songs, I am a musicaholic, I cant live without it, even though I ignore them but most of the times the critic inside my head mumbles about things, funny is when it comes to tagore’s songs it mostly keeps silent! it complains about the singers/background musicians sometimes but not about the lyrics or their original tune.

Honestly, we Bengalis desperately need some of these talents back to our Bengal, tagore, bankimchandra, sharatchandra… these are the times I hope that there is something like reincarnation πŸ˜‰

Well, on his birthday heart full of love and gratitude from a blind admirer. πŸ™‚

book 17 cover image


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