170×170 day 55 24.6.15

55 24.6.15

If you want to do something give it your best shot, no matter what others say. There are barely any chances that you will come out of it as a complete loser, even if you don’t learn a single trick from the vigorous training, like my swimming lessons, I learned nil from those two months and was attacked by the most severe blow of cold after years! It settled all scores but I learned that swimming needs a good trainer, otherwise if you don’t drown you can be happy even if you learned nothing. Of course there are people who will say that they learned it by themselves but there is nothing to be embarrassed if you are not a natural. So, if your heart tries to learn something give it your best shot! You will at least have some hours of pure happiness or joy. Even if you feel like a fool when you look back at them a decade later, they are still hours utilized for good purpose.



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