170×170 day 59 28.6.15

59 28.6.15

Bitterness is a poison that can ruin your life absolutely beyond repair! We all have reasons to be bitter, some of us have reason to be really bitter, but if we look around us and see we will see that those who are happy have learned to accept that life sometimes stuffs us up with mean things, if we become bitter and poisonous life won’t give a two penny’s hoot, actually that may increase the flow because there will be counter reaction from those we will make angry. So… it is a dark chain and happy people don’t let it start inside them.

Life has taught me it is smart to stay away from such people too, because sooner or later your happiness becomes their eyesore and they start to think that you are enjoying their misery and often start to seek ways to destroy your happiness. God save those who are stuck with one for one reason or another! They can be pure poison, especially if they are powerful.



4 thoughts on “170×170 day 59 28.6.15

    • I SO AGREE WITH YOU! believe me, there is a proverb in Bengali that translates it is better to have an empty house than a black sheep, and I know what that means, life taught me! it is far better to go solo than end up with crooks or worse!

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