170×170 day 60 29.6.15

60 29.6.15

So you don’t believe that love is not envied and is without enemies? Well I have a deep belief that there are too many people who meddle into the love-life of others apparently because they can’t digest the fact that two people are in love.

You don’t believe me? Well I will suggest you to lie, maybe in cahoots with a friend who will help you into proving your theory, just go around telling everyone how much you love each other and how you are dead certain that you will get married. Don’t forget to show up everywhere as a pair of lovers absolutely besotted in each other. After that start taking notes, both of you, how many people tried to flirt with you/woo you, how many tried to convince you otherwise, how many started to find faults in your beloved all of a sudden… I have personally seen these people, who as if flitter around couples with prime intention of ruining their love lives, so don’t listen to them!



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