Musegames on Wednesdays 1.7.15

cool train I_0076 1.4.15

Gentle rocking of the train lulled her to sleep. Deep sleep.

Her heart almost stopped when she woke up, where was her bag???

It was gone! how could it happen in a train full of people? Then she remembered the abnormal slumber of last night, it was too deep!

One by one other passengers started to wake up, realizing they have been drugged and robbed!

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7 thoughts on “Musegames on Wednesdays 1.7.15

    • It happened with my brother when he was in train and bus, both times he lost his laptops- the thing that he assumed that the drug the entire section, so that when they rob there is no witness, otherwise someone will start the ruckus or if smart just take snaps in cellphone!

      The most common method that was exposed was biscuits and tea.

      • My goodness. I’m glad he was okay and not harmed. It is scary to think people would take advantage of others like that – on such a grand scale!

      • He was lucky but not all are so, just as you said, some die, some go into coma, that is why Railways had to widely advertise why people will carry their own food and try not to accept anything from strangers, but what will one do if tea is spiked? I don’t eat much on trains but I do drink a cup or two!

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