170×170 day 67 6.7.15

67 6.7.15

Absolutely ignore those who say reading books is waste of time! Books never waste your time, the more you read the better is it for you.

There are so many things that one can learn from books, the list will go on and on. Books can teach you languages and other skills. They expand your mind, teach you how to dream, see through the eyes of others and help you to see the world in its full glory! They can become your mentor, your guide, teach you invaluable things about human nature, society and help you into deciding your own path.

Forget about the study books, they can only enrich you, the more you read the better expert you become!

I am talking about normal books, story books, poetry or books that contain other things that entertain us and through entertainment teach us different things about life.

The best part of books as teacher or mentor is they don’t misguide you or take fees from you, they teach you selflessly.



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