My two magic birds :)

They are finches, at-least my limited knowledge of birds tell me. Boy do they make my days or what! It started a couple of months back, I was mopping one of my balconies when one perched on the grill, his/her sweet call made me lift my head, s/he did not fly away and I became a statue, s/he sat there for a minute or two singing sweetly and then casually flew away.

I thought that s/he did not see me.

The same thing happened again a couple of weeks ago, I again thought that s/he did not see me.

Now today morning s/he proved me wrong! I was tending my plants the pair showed up, one was sitting on the grills I was hidden from his or her eyes without a doubt, the second one landed on the grill a few feet away from me, and yes, s/he saw me, even after that s/he stayed there for a minute or two then flew away, his/her mate stayed longer, chirping merrily flew away when the construction workers started their machine.

Most probably they are pet birds, someone might have liberated them or they might have flown away! right? I hope they are not hungry and looking for food from another human being!

Love and hugs.


6 thoughts on “My two magic birds :)

  1. Sweet. I heard in a place in California they have Parrots that must have gotten lose or left and they now have quite a population of them. They are not native to the area. Can’t remember the specifics but I always hoped we could go there to see the birds.

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