170×170 day 75 14.7.15

75 14.7.15 ballads

They worked day and night
The field filled up
With green plants
Brimming was life’s cup.

The time of harvest came
With it came the summon
From the moneylender
Asking for share of his own.

Years ago when he was not born
Crops failed, to avoid starvation
His father borrowed
Some money from this demon.

That money was lent
On a bizarre interest rate
Fifty years have passed by
Yet he as to parade to his gate.

Dish out his hard earned crop
That too the major portion
To this blood sucking leech
While their own food they ration.

No one cares about their plight,
The unjust vicious cycle of evil
That just won’t stop running
By rules that may outsmart devil.

Rules of Ballad: I will request you to explore the rules of ballad yourself. I read quite a handful of them and thought that it’s quite a liberal style of poem with varying size of stanzas and other things. Go ahead and explore them. I have zeroed on two things- telling a story, using four line stanzas with rhyming 2nd+4th line.



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